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"30 40" Construction Company produces quality properties!

"Speed and work well done!"

"30 40 Imprese" comes out from  Mr Salvatore Greco’s will and ingenuity.
He lives and works in Carovigno (Brindisi), and has been present in the construction industry for over 30 years. Today  the  Company is leader for construction and sale of high quality properties in Carovigno, in Brindisi area and throughout the Puglia (Italy) region as well.

Located in the center of Apulia, at Carovigno which lies  between the famous and picturesque "White City" (Ostuni) and the city of Brindisi in full Mediterranean scrub near the enchanting Torre Guaceto Natural Reserve, the firm works mostly on Brindisi area, and in particular on  Carovigno, Ostuni, San Vito dei Normanni and Fasano ones (Salento).

"30 40 Imprese" is made up of three companies: Edilsaco s.r.l. , T. G. Construzioni s.r.l. , Greco & Company s.r.l.. They all are specialized in Design, Projects, Renovation, Demolition and Sale of residential, commercial, handmade, industrial housing.


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The "30 40" Construction Company has a large machine fleet and  uses  advanced equipments. Their  year-experienced highly qualified staff  succeeds in both meeting any requirement and delivering "workmanlike"  housings made in a short time!

As the firm’s main goal is to satisfy the  customer / buyer’s needs, they can manage every phase of design and construction, from architectural design and plant engineering to construction management and accounting, the 81/08 Legislative Decree security coordination, the cadastral and topographic paper works.

You can contact us:
Sending an e-mail or phoning to (+39) 0831 990924  for any type of request.
You can also come and see us at our office in Contrada Polinisso in Carovigno - Brindisi - (Puglia-Italy), and ask for a free estimate!


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Leader to the sale of properties and villas in Puglia. We can build your house as you want.

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